Preserving the Environment

It is important to Abena to be part of preserving the environment!

The EU estimates that 3 billion tonnes of waste is thrown away in Europe every year. This number continues to rise and the OECD calculates that it will have increased by 45 % in 2020, if nothing is done to reverse the problem. [Source: OECD]

At Abena we do not want to add to that statistic. We realize that running a production facility can affect the environment and for that reason, we take every possible precaution to keep our waste level at an absolute minimum.

Our own production in Denmark recycles a full 95 % of all waste coming from our production of incontinence pads and baby diapers. The waste consists of e.g. foil wrapping from raw materials and surplus textiles.

Abena’s waste is collected and sold to recycling companies, where it is processed in a cradle-to-cradle lifecycle that transforms it into new raw materials. This enables us to handle waste in an environment friendly way that helps decrease the exploitation of natural resources.

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