Abri-Flex is Abena’s full range of pull-up incontinence pads that can be worn like normal underwear.

Unlike other equivalent incontinence products, Abri-Flex has more elastic threads, which makes it hug the body and stay in place like normal underwear would.

The range also includes Abri-Flex Zero with a high cut and a full white back sheet and Abri-Flex Special  unique elasticity in both leg and crotch area, providing an ultimate solution for users during intense physical activity.

Abri-Flex Pull-up Pad

Abena continually invests in the newest technology and in 2014, we installed a new machine that allows us to manufacture a new generation of Abri-Flex incontinence pants.


  • Unrivalled elastics
  • Full breathability
  • Soft and reliable leakage barriers
  • Unique Top Dry system providing a dry surface
  • Superabsorbent
  • Soft, comfortable and noiseless
  • Latex-free and non-chlorine bleached

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