Nordic Eco-label

Abena is the First and Only Producer of Incontinence Pads to Attain the Nordic Eco-label

The Nordic Eco-label is an environmental labeling system that contributes to sustainable consumption and production.

Being approved for the Nordic Eco-label is a long process that requires a great amount of documentation. The demands to Eco-labeled products are very high and everything from how we manufacture our products to what they contain is examined and analyzed.

One of the criteria to have incontinence pads certified with the Nordic Eco-label is that 50% of the product’s raw material must come from renewable materials. At Abena we live up to this criterion and are able to call us the first and only producer of incontinence pads to be certified with the Nordic Eco-label!

We furthermore carry sourced skin care and body wash products that have been certified with the Nordic Eco-label as well. This is an indication of our commitment to locate suppliers around the world that comply with the same high standards Abena does.

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