Abena’s distribution takes place from our modern and hi-tech logistics centre in Aabenraa with a capacity of 44,000 pallet spaces. In addition to the bulk pallet warehouse we have a carton-specific warehouse with space for 40,000 cartons.
We receive more than 2,800 orders per day and dispatch about 30 trucks to the Danish market and 40 – 50 trucks to foreign countries, besides a considerable amount of parcel post. Most orders are normally dispatched within 24 hours upon receipt of order.

Automatically storage and picking
All goods are stored automatically by means of conveyor belts and cranes, which can handle goods up to a height of 26 metres. The computer system decides where the goods will be stored in order to utilize our capacity in the optimum way.

Automatic sorting system
Abena has approx. 23,000 article numbers and delivers varying order profiles, from full pallets to single units. We work with an automated sorting system with 60 chutes, whereby the goods are automatically sorted for the different orders. The capacity of the system is 2,000 cartons per hour and up to 400 orders per day.

Clean Room
Healthcare and nursing articles are stored and packed in a separate clean room facility, where only trained staff are allowed.
The products are handled in 10 individual monitored vertical lifts which all have their own clean room environment which are monitored for temperature.

"Break Bulk" cartons
In addition, Abena has a manual warehouse for open cartons which contains a limited assortment of products, from where our customers can order small quantities of a less than the normal carton size.

Dangerous goods
We can handle goods which are classified as dangerous goods and storage, packing and transport are undertaken strictly according to the applicable rules.

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