Incontinence Products

Abena does not only have a wide range of conventional incontinence products, we also offer specialized, innovative solutions to fit the end-user's needs.

Our incontinence care products play a big part in improving the quality of life for the end-user. By using Abena’s incontinence products, the end-user is able to continue his life as usual, feeling comfortable and not worrying about leakage.

Our product range covers everything from anatomically shaped pads, belt pads and pull-ups to all-in-one pads for both juniors and adults. Our range is divided into functionality, allowing us to supply both urinary incontinence products, fecal incontinence products as well as male incontinence products specifically designed to fit the male anatomy.

Abena's product specialists work closely together with our team of nurses and together they have developed the widest range of adult incontinence products on the market.



For Juniors


Pads for Men

Two-Piece System


Fixation Underwear

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