Bed Protection

Abena’s bed protection concept has been developed in close cooperation with end users, care staff and our own nurse specialists. These products are a natural part of Abena’s customized solution for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, home care and medical shops and an important part of our full continence solution.

Abena’s range of bed protection is also suitable for various types of procedures, e.g. wound care, blood sampling or changing a cast.

The bed protection concept offer both disposable and washable products for:

  • Protection of beds and chairs at leakage
  • Protection during various procedures
  • Acute protection

Disposable products:

  • Underpads with fluff and underpads with fluff/SAP in different sizes and absorption capacities
  • Underpads with various layers of tissue in different sizes and absorption capacities
  • Protective sheets with or without threads for enhanced strengh in different sizes and absorption capacities
  • Couch rolls
  • Mattress cover

Washable products:

  • Underpads made from PU or PVC in different sizes, width different features and absorption capacities


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